New role public relations

A small summary of what’s been going on with the newest PR Assistant of our team, Isaac

“Congratulations on your new role as PR Assistant! What exactly will you be doing?”

The above statement is a small snippet of how my friends and family responded, after finding out about my new role as PR Assistant at Papillon Communications.

Well, it was quite the challenge to explain my day-to-day responsibilities to them. From drafting different types of content to generating media visibility for our clients, predominantly in the care and education sector.

My first eight weeks at Papillon has gone by in a flash. I thought my account of my journey to date might be interesting for any of my peers looking to pursue a career in PR. This is just a brief synopsis of what I’m up to:

From the bustling streets of Mumbai to the tranquil leafy lanes of Derbyshire

As an international student from India, pursuing my MA in Public Relations, I was eager to get myself stuck in at a busy agency environment.

Before joining Papillon, I completed a stint as a PR Assistant, at a thriving PR agency in West Yorkshire. After gaining invaluable experience I started to look for my next opportunity. Katie, Papillon’s Managing Director, recognised my potential and took me under her wing at Papillon.

I could never forget my first day – both hilarious and humiliating. I awkwardly landed up in a mysterious farmland, approximately 7 miles from the Papillon office. However, the gods were kind to me, as Katie rescued me from the angry cows!

As I stepped foot inside the warm and friendly office, I was greeted by our multi-talented Account Executive, Amie, and our Office Manager, Julie, who wears many hats and looks after us all!

I was given a brief introduction to our clients and immediately appreciated Papillon’s commitment and devotion toward them. I also learned that of Papillon’s main values is graciousness – which is refreshing in a profession that can be perceived as pushy.

Our team works with an array of clients within the education, charity, and care sectors. Each one has its own distinct identity, and there is a need to plan bespoke communications strategies for them. This is to ensure that we’re ready to react if an opportunity arises to promote their key messages and protect if something has gone awry in their world

What’s been on my plate for the past month?

As a PR Assistant I begin my day by scrolling through Twitter and ResponseSource to source any opportunities for clients. Writing blogs that are curated for a specialised set of stakeholderstakes up a huge chunk of my time at Papillon.

Our clients, by the nature of what they do, are involved in causes that call for a positive change in society, and I’m learning how essential it is for us to create and maintain a sound tone of voice.

I wanted to develop my digital knowledge as well as get to know our clients better. So, I have found that blogs play a crucial part in educating a target audience about a particular business and its operations. They can unlock vast areas of opportunities for viewers to learn more about an organisation.

David Meerman Scott, a world-renowned PR guru once said: “Content drives action.” This quote has motivated me to continuously work hard, creating content that furthers the goals and objectives of organisations such as Legs4Africa. This is a charity we are proud to support in its communication strategies. Legs4Africa collects prosthetic limbs from around the world and recycles them – making them accessible for amputees in Africa.

The impact of ‘social media’:

No one can argue the impact of social media – it can “make” or “break” an organisation. One of my responsibilities includes designing social media graphics for clients and drafting monthly content for their social channels.

Amie and our associate Karen Cureton have been instrumental in my development. I’m learning to hone my skills across many digital platforms and access fabulous tools that help me work smarter.

I could never ignore the traditional work of a PR professional – pitching press-worthy stories to journalists. During October, I was successful in placing a wonderful local story of Anna Stubbs, director at the Chartwell Practice in Burton-upon-Trent. The article covered her successful mission in raising funds for Burton YMCA in the 2022 London Marathon.

So, what are the future plans?

Going forward, I have great ambitions to develop my career with Papillon. I would love to get more involved with our amazing clients and work for them. This will surely give me a great sense of satisfaction.

The communications world is evolving, and I have set sights on expanding my SEO and digital PR knowledge. Hopefully, one day I could support Katie, in her journey to craft effective communication strategies for our brilliant clienteles. While joining the inspiring team and our clients in changing the narrative around care and education for the better.

Also, I will be trying my best to convert the Papillon team into supporting my childhood club, FC Barcelona!

Papillon is growing and if you would like to join us on our mission to help change the narrative – or if you want to know more about how to build a robust communications plan, please do get in touch with us.