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Being reactive on social media

We spend an average of 24 hours a week online, whether that’s by scrolling through Facebook or doing the weekly shop. As time spent online has increased, so has the importance of feeding consumers and generating live conversations on social media.  

There’s no platform more live than Twitter. On your timeline you will find a regularly updated section called ‘Trends for you’ with the most talked about hashtags right now. These topics are generated by tweets using the hashtag in question and are a fantastic resource to help businesses to react to worldwide events.

By monitoring these trends, businesses can generate relevant content, from tweets, visual media, blogs, and articles.

 We are not saying you need to be reactive to create all your content, but this feature is a useful engagement tool. There are several weekly well-known hashtags like #MondayMotivation and #WednesdayWisdom which spark conversation between users. Your timeline will be full of joyous and inspirational quotations accompanied by quirky GIFs.

If you are planning content around weekly hashtags you are already halfway there. You can write these weeks in advance and report back on what content worked and what didn’t. A lot of things in life are trial and error so do the same with your content but don’t forget it is important to stay focused – do not deviate from your brand.

Some of you may have come across the weird and wonderful hashtags that appear across social media. A considerable number of little known national days are quite inspiring – we’ve come across hashtags for cheese, animals and even odd socks! We are a big believer of joining in on those days because being part of the conversation is paramount no matter how whacky it might be. Hashtags can also be used to raise awareness of political days, charity weeks and what’s going on in the news.

We have collated some of the days across the year so you can prepare your content plan and be less reactive:

January 2020

  • Thursday 2nd January – #sciencefictionday
  • Wednesday 8th January – #bubblebathday
  • Monday 20th January – #cheeseloversday
  • Thursday 23rd January – #pieday

February 2020

  • Sunday 2nd February – #groundhogday
  • Sunday 9th February – #pizzaday
  • Tuesday 11th February – #makeafriendday

March 2020

  • Friday 6th March – #employeeappreciationday
  • Wednesday 18th March – #globalrecyclingday
  • Thursday 19th March – #certifiednursesday
  • Monday 30th March – #takeawalkintheparkday

April 2020

  • Thursday 2nd April – #worldautismawarenessday
  • Thursday 9th April – #unicornday
  • Wednesday 22nd April – #earthday
  • Monday 27th April – #tellastoryday

May 2020

  • Saturday 2nd May – #truffleday
  • Tuesday 5th May – #teacherappreciationday
  • Friday 15th May – #biketoworkday
  • Monday 25th May – #nationalwineday

June 2020

  • Wednesday 3rd June – #eggday
  • Monday 8th June – #bestfriendday
  • Friday 19th June – #wearblueday
  • Tuesday 23rd June – #hydrationday

July 2020

  • Tuesday 14th July – #macandcheeseday
  • Sunday 19th July – #daiquiriday
  • Thursday 23rd July – #gorgeousgrandmaday

August 2020

  • Tuesday 4th August – #coastguardday
  • Monday 10th August – #vloggingday
  • Thursday 20th August – #radioday
  • Sunday 30th August – #griefawarenessday

September 2020

  • Friday 4th September – #foodbankday
  • Saturday 12th September – #dayofencouragement
  • Sunday 13th September – #kidstakeoverthekitchenday
  • Friday 25th September – #comicbookday

October 2020

  • Monday 5th October – #childhealthday
  • Saturday 10th October – #worldmentalhealthday
  • Wednesday 14th October – #stopbullyingday
  • Friday 30th October – #publicistday

November 2020

  • Wednesday 4th November – #stressawarenessday
  • Sunday 8th November – #cappucinoday
  • Wednesday 18th November – #princessday
  • Friday 27th November – #blackfriday

December 2020

  • Tuesday 8th December – #brownieday
  • Friday 18th December – #twinday

The national day hashtags listed above are just small snippets of what you can take advantage of from online calendars. To ensure you receive positive engagement from your followers try and make it relatable, clear and concise.

If you do a little bit of research and plan content monthly, you will find scheduling and posting much more exciting. There is no harm in looking at other people’s profiles and producing your own content from this – you are being inspired.