Introducing video and intergenerational care to Red Homes Healthcare Group

During Intergenerational Week (8-14 March 2021) we worked closely with our client Red Homes Healthcare to facilitate something truly interactive this year, to bring benefit to both residents as well as younger children.

From research and our own personal homeschooling experience, we know that many children discovered new and altogether different skills from their parents whilst at home. These were the types of skills that cannot be found on the national curriculum – daily business etiquette!

Our children became familiar with valuable listening and conversational skills, negotiation and video confidence, how to prepare for meetings, how to conduct yourself during a video call and what to say and what not to say. These were all part of lockdown learning, whether children knew it or not.

Our approach

During Intergenerational Week, we wanted to bring two generations together as the ongoing Covid restrictions have forced us all to think differently on how we approach communication between families and home learning.

In one of our recent videos, two children called Ed and James (not the radio presenters) hosted their very own cookery lesson with Red Court Care Community. There were a number of residents watching and interacting with the boys as they talked through the cooking method for baking a ginger cake. There’s one particular part of the video where they discuss eating fish and chips as it’s one of their favourite dishes. It has been so heart-warming to see Zoom calls bringing people together. The power of video is proving to be the future.

Ed and James with Red Court Care Community

What is intergenerational care?

Intergenerational care involves bringing the young and elderly together through a range of activities. Whether you’re working with nurseries, primary or secondary schools all of these ages generate a positive impact. This style of care is rapidly growing amongst UK care homes as the benefits are being recognised by researchers and becoming the norm.

While intergenerational care has highlighted the huge health benefits for both youngsters and the elderly, United for All Ages is claiming that bringing these two generations together can also help tackle loneliness, poor health and social mobility and anxiety.

Campaigners have also stressed that Britain is one of the most age segregated countries in the world. We have to encourage laughter in these darker times and hosting lessons with those under 16 is proving to have a beneficial impact on both generations.

Our intergenerational project with schools

We are really looking forward to producing more of these videos. It is an ongoing project so if you would like to support our partnership with Red Homes, please email and a member of the team will respond within 24 hours.

We are also more than happy to have a conversation with you about how we can implement such an important programme into your care home – we can be contacted via the email address as seen above.