Recording videos on your phone.

Is Facebook Live beneficial for my business?

Facebook Live is an excellent tool because it introduces audiences to the people behind a brand. Your brand.

By doing this you are building a real human connection with your followers and those watching your content are genuinely interested in your videos. These are the viewers you should be targeting.

If you haven’t used Facebook Live yet, it is a free tool available on personal profiles and professional business pages. The appeal of live content is its authenticity, you are engaging with consumers there and then. Another great feature Facebook Live offers is your viewers can comment on the video and their comments are posted live on the video feed.

The individual in front of the camera can interact with viewers and answer their questions as and when they are submitted.

Our experience

We recently supported Avail Learning Academy at the Nursery World Show in London and one of our main priorities was to utilise Facebook Live to its full potential.

This feature hasn’t been used by Avail before, so we thought we’d give it a try!

It turns out Avail’s followers were very interested in Fay Gibbin’s talk as we had lots of people watching live and every comment posted was positive. The video itself was shared and received 230 views which was a great response for Avail’s first Facebook Live video.

People like people and that’s an asset you must make use of.

Social media users are so focused on what’s going on in everyone’s lives because we’re ingested and become fascinated with life stories so why not let them into your business life too?

Avail’s live video is a perfect example of how the talk on ‘personal development for nannies’ successfully drew in a wider audience. Those viewing the video wanted to hear from Fay and it is something we will continue to do with Avail Learning Academy and others if they wish.

Perfection isn’t key

Don’t be afraid of going live, it’s a great asset for your business and it doesn’t have to be perfect. You don’t need a film production crew or top of the range radio mics, a mobile phone is perfectly fine. Just ensure what your filming has been discussed prior to going live.

Before the talk begins give your potential audience a buffer time at the beginning, so they don’t miss any of the discussion, twenty seconds is usually a great amount of time.

Staying on top of the latest trends

With the way we view video content evolving all the time, we need to cater for that audience. Keeping people engaged can be a difficult task but your followers follow you because they like the product. In order to develop new ways of interacting with consumers, you must follow the latest trends. Millennials love platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Byte because they provide entertainment and engagement.

It has been suggested that six percent of millennials trust traditional marketing. According to Erin McPherson chief content officer at Maker Studios, he said “The new authority is authenticity.” Keep generating live content and you’ll soon see your reach and engagement improve over time.

Facebook Live can bring your brand attention and help drive traffic to your website and across social media. Upon publishing the video, you can edit the copy and include clear call to actions which is great for lead generation.

There are no specific rules for Facebook Live but ensure your content suits the company’s tone of voice and highlights your brands key messages.