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Leading marketing campaigns during the Coronavirus pandemic

GO Outdoors is known for inspiring and encouraging customers to explore the great outdoors. Under current Government guidelines for COVID-19 however, the UK is on lockdown with an allowance to take only essential trips out.

This has created challenges for companies and individuals not just nationally but globally too. Thankfully, the creative minds at GO Outdoors have been busy at head office and developed a very clever online campaign.

GO Outdoors has launched a new promotional video thanking the public for staying indoors and it has had over 6,000 views – the messaging is clear and concise, and the retailer has even rebranded its logo for the campaign to take full effect.

The campaigns concept

In order to keep the outdoor community engaged and active, GO Outdoors has developed an exciting and relevant campaign to occupy those in lockdown. How? With the launch of their GO Indoors online campaign, members of the GO Outdoors team will be creating daily content via their social media channels, YouTube videos and blog posts. The GO Indoors campaign isn’t about asking the community to spend money, it is about being creative and bringing the outside in.

The company’s message behind this whole concept is: GO Indoors – Protect the NHS – Save Lives which coincides with the Government’s daily messaging.

How to get involved?

GO Outdoors has their own YouTube channel. Within the last few days, a member of the GO Outdoors team has been posting ‘how to’ videos with the caption ‘#GOIndoors’. Their latest video presented by Tim advises viewers how to clean their walking boots with a simple step by step guide. All of this is being produced by Tim in his back garden.

For Twitter and Instagram users, they have been encouraged to use the hashtag #GOIndoors to show the digital team at GO Outdoors what exciting indoor/garden adventures they are undertaking. Those submitting images will be entered into a competition for a chance to win prizes for the best videos and photos shared.

What can be taken away from this campaign?

Marketing campaigns don’t always have to be complicated. It is important to develop engaging content when executing a campaign because this will be the hook. But remember, an audience helps spread the word about said campaign and will benefit its growth.

Creating a hashtag for a campaign is a great idea. We have done this for many of our clients and we are able to analyse the overall success of it. It is also an excellent brand awareness exercise because that hashtag has a link back to a client’s business.

This simple but extremely clever campaign is a great reminder for us all to stay at home during this pandemic. We at Papillon have been inspired by GO Indoors’ ‘Boredom Jar’. We will be adding another member to our creative team – Papillon’s Creative Jar will be joining us with immediate effect. During our video calls, a member of the team will be encouraged to discuss a new idea and put this into Papillon’s Creative Jar. We love bouncing ideas off one another and this gives us the perfect opportunity to do so.

If you have a campaign idea you would like to discuss with us or would like us to generate one for you please email enquiries@papillonpr.co.uk.