Like a moth to a flame – the fallout of Fyre Festival

Since the Netflix documentary release of the Fyre Festival scandal, it’s definitely been a hot topic within our team. We all felt anxious simply watching the documentary, never mind putting ourselves in the minds of their massively out of depth comms team.

Our graduate account executive, Holly, shared her views with PR Week about how influencers flocked to be a part of the biggest event that never happened without much thought what they were selling to their followers.

In her comment, Holly shares how Fyre Festival’s downfall was probably also its greatest success – the backing from influencers.

Top models were paid to promote the event and within no time the event went viral and soon enough everyone was talking about the exclusive luxury festival. Like a moth to a flame the influencers were drawn in, but what they didn’t anticipate was the inferno that came to be Fyre Festival.

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