Kids Planet team at Chester Zoo

Papillon Communications cycles 50km with the Kids Planet team for Chester Zoo fundraiser

At Papillon Communications we have been working closely with the team at Kids Planet Day Nurseries, to support their Summer Stampede campaign to raise vital funds for Chester Zoo. As part of the activities, we decided to join the team on their gruelling 50km bike ride which took place on Friday 11th September.

Twelve members of staff from Kids Planet Head Office, our very own founder Katie Whirledge and associate director Jenny Holden swapped their jeans for lycra and embarked on an unforgettable bicycle ride through the Cheshire countryside.

As an extra special send-off, we arranged for Chester Zoo’s very own CEO, Dr Mark Pilgrim and the Lord Mayor of Chester, Councillor Mark Williams to wave us off on our adventure and wish us the best of British luck, and oh was it needed.

Clare Roberts and the Lord Mayor of Chester
Clare Roberts, CEO of Kids Planet and the Lord Mayor of Chester, Cllr Mark Williams

The journey

The morning began with a team briefing at Chester Zoo followed shortly by a nice flat, enjoyable countryside ride. We were then surprised by a few hairy hills during the journey and with just a few pit stops, we all made it in one piece back to Kids Planet HQ in Lymm, some of us with aching legs and bums.

Upon our return we were greeted with banners, branded cakes and the nursery children wearing tiger outfits to give us a roaring good cheer on arrival. It was a fantastic event and we were extremely humbled to have been made to feel like we were a part of the team.

Kids Planet CEO Clare Roberts and Jenny Holden from Papillon Communications.
The Kids Planet team and Jenny Holden

This is just one of many summer fundraising activities held by Kids Planet. We’ve seen children dress up for animal awareness days, community cake sales, staff raffles, sponsored walks and in-house bike rides from various nurseries. It really has been a fantastic team effort!

The campaign

Throughout the summer, staff, children and their families at Kids Planet (which now includes Kids Allowed) have been raising thousands of pounds to support the UK’s most popular charity zoo, Chester Zoo, due to its significant losses since Covid-19 and its drastic restrictions on visitors for the foreseeable future.  The number one childcare company for quality in the UK is hoping to raise over £20,000 to adopt as many animals as they can. To achieve this, 7,000 children (aged two to five) have been taking part in sponsored walks, hops, jumps or leaps with the aim to cover a collective 1700 miles – the sum total of all 52 nursery’s individual mileage to Chester Zoo.

How you can help?

We have received such an incredible amount of support from the Kids Planet team across all 52 nurseries and have thoroughly enjoyed working on this campaign. To accompany this, we have been producing a weekly newsletter for all nursery managers focusing on the latest fundraising updates from each setting. We still have a few weeks left to raise more than £20,000 for Chester Zoo and we will beat this target!

If you would like to make a donation please visit the following link and sign it on behalf of Papillon: