Woman editing the podcast on a Mac

Recording strong and emotive podcasts over Zoom can be done!

Earlier in the year we were approached by the Irish Council for Psychotherapy to assist them on an exciting and upcoming project. The team at ICP were keen to launch their very own podcast mini-series called Psychotherapy Off the Couch.

But when it comes to podcast recording, there’s a fair bit of planning that needs to go on behind the scenes, so here’s a run through of topline activity:

  • Who is the audience?
  • Who are the interviewees?
  • Recording format
  • Jingle
  • Voiceover
  • Editing
  • Show notes
  • Launch

As we are unable to fly to Ireland due to Covid-19, we have recorded the interviews through Zoom using a portable recorder. We advised both attendees to wear headphones throughout the recording because the sound quality is much clearer.

The jingle was recorded by a fantastic Irish voiceover artist and is featured at the start of every episode. During the editing process, we carefully listen to both psychotherapists and remove any long pauses or mistakes. This is how your podcast will also come together.

Where is the podcast available?

We agreed with ICP that the podcast will be available to stream on Spotify, Amazon Music and iTunes. You don’t always have to upload your podcast to all of these channels, but we want to maximise the reach and feel these avenues are relevant to us.

About Psychotherapy Off the Couch

The series will give listeners a greater understanding of how to care for their inner worlds. Psychotherapy Off the Couch will become a go-to resource for those seeking answers about psychotherapy and to see if it is a route worth exploring for them.

The podcasts are hosted by clinical psychotherapist, Stephanie Regan. She explores diverse, challenging and highly emotive subjects with her expert guests. These episodes will cast a bright light into an area that, until now has remained in the quiet of the therapy room. Each episode is between 30 and 45 minutes.

The topics include:
  1. The pandemic effect on your Psyche with Trish Murphy
  2. Using play as a language in the clinic of the child with Joanna Fortune
  3. More than talk! How psychotherapy differs from other forms of help with John O’Connor
  4. The Trouble with Relationships with Marie Walshe
  5. Facing the Demons with Rob Weatherill
  6. The question of Abuse with Eileen Finnegan

Listeners can stream Psychotherapy Off the Couch on Amazon Music and Spotify. ICP will be sharing the episodes across their social media channels, but you can also follow the podcast to have instant access to the latest episode.

We have previously written a blog post about the initial process of starting a podcast which can be found here. If you would like more information about our podcasting services, please email enquiries@papillonpr.co.uk and a member of the team will come back to you within 48 hours.