Social Media Day: Give your brand the recognition it deserves

Social media is digital blessing for public relations professionals, creating a perfect channel to connect directly with key audiences while developing a brand’s online presence and reputation.

At Papillon, building and protecting a brand’s reputation is what makes us tick. With 30 June as Social Media Day, we wanted to share our top tips to help give your brand the recognition it deserves.

Give your brand a voice

When you first set up your company, you’ll create the look, the feel, the message and the mission and all of these will shape the guidelines for your brand. Those same guidelines need to shine through on your social platforms, it’s where you build relationships with consumers like never before. Treat each social platform as if they were a brand ambassador and consider how you want them to talk about your brand, what interests they would talk about and apply it to the content!

Get involved in conversations

The digital public is the same as any other community you’ll find: they’re always gossiping. The best thing about social media is that these communities are segmented into interests and conversations that hit your target audience. Get your brand engaging and talking about hot topics in your industry – chances are that your target audience is on the lookout for experts who are in the know. Once your audience sees your name associated with important topics their loyalty will organically grow.

Keep up to date with new tools and trends

Inventors and entrepreneurs are always finding new ways to create, schedule and engage through social media platforms. It’s important to keep up to date with new gadgets. Even if the new tool doesn’t work for you, nothing ventured nothing gained. When you do find a new tool that improves your social experience or generates a new idea, it’s all worth it.

Get creative

To stand out on social media you have to show that you are worth the attention and to do this you need to get creative. Put yourself in the shoes of you target audience. What do they react to online? Find the connection between how your audience digest news and get creative with how your brand can reach them. Be bold, be your own expert and show your audience why your brand is the best at what it does.

How you portray your brand’s image on social media can nowadays be make or break for companies. At Papillon we work with brands to make sure they reach their target audience on the right platforms through managing strategy and creating engaging content. To find out more about the digital communication services we provide, click here.