Podcast microphone

Welcoming podcasts to the Papillon team

Podcasts have taken the lead when it comes to digital marketing because they are so versatile. They can be accessed through various online streaming sites like Spotify, Google Play Music or Apple Music and episodes can be instantly downloaded to your smartphone. So, with these readily available, the overwhelmingness of unbelievable choice and genres will be a lot to divulge. Therefore, we are going to be bringing Papillon-inspired podcasts to your ears soon.

As a team, we have been experimenting with podcast equipment and potential topics for our clients. It’s a new and exciting challenge for Papillon and we’re very much looking forward to executing it well.

What is a podcast?

This is the official definition of a podcast from The Podcast Host: a podcast is an audio programme, just like Talk Radio, but you subscribe to it on your smartphone and listen to it whenever you like. Sounds pretty easy and straight forward doesn’t it? But in fact, they aren’t.

Podcasts typically range from 15 minutes to 112 minutes. There is no definite play time but what keeps your listeners coming back for more is your content. It is important to plan out your topics before recording and decide if you are going to be focusing on a weekly or monthly theme.

In fact, we are pleased to announce that we are now supporting Avail Learning Academy to begin a monthly education-inspired podcast with the founder and directors. Papillon will plan the content, record and edit the recordings and then make sure there’s a strategy in place before it goes live.

How do I know a podcast will work for my brand?

Like many marketing techniques, time, persistence and consistency are the golden rules. It will take time to build an audience and gain a following but if you stick to a regular routine and ensure your podcast is addressing the pain points of your target audience, you should eventually build a loyal fan base.

Take time to understand how to market your podcast too. Recording a podcast is not just a box ticking exercise, you’ll need a plan behind it to ensure it’s reaching those who you want it to reach.

We would advise researching other companies podcast topics and see how they are received – do they get engagement from this, are they weekly, fortnightly or monthly? Spotify has a range of podcasts from newspapers like The Guardian, UK businesses such as The BossBabe and many more for you to dive into.

Can I interview people?

Yes. We would encourage you to interview people on your podcast. That’s great content and another backlink for you when you share your latest episode across social media. If you can invite well-known guests onto your show that’s a job well done.

What do podcasts usually sound like?

When you listen to a podcast, you will find they usually sound very familiar. There’s a musical jingle at the start followed by an introduction from your hosts and guests. Some hosts will present in a similar style to television presenters on a talk show whereas others will speak to guests in a friendly conversational-style manner.

Most people will listen to a mix of professional podcasts and talks from groups of friends. It’s great to have a selection to choose from. The biggest factor you will need to consider is the host or hosts, and as time goes on, you’ll gravitate towards topics you enjoy and don’t enjoy as much.

Now the basics have been outlined – go and research podcasts and find your niche.

If Papillon can help you with setting up a podcast series please email enquiries@papillonpr.co.uk.